Sunny welcome!

My name is Claudia Schwab-Eckl. I come from Salzburg, Austria and live in Vienna.

I am married to my beloved Christoph and I am the mother of a boy (*1998) and a girl (*2011) – yes two dads – patchwork constellation ;-)

I work as a counselor since more than 15 years now! That’s what I love from the bottom of my heart!

I started of with my University Degree in Communications and PR. I worked for the radio Station Ö1 and started self-experience with the age of 16 – I have seen it all ;-)

From there my professional courses and degrees went on: Kinesiology, Family Constellation Coach and Professional Councelor. I never stop learning. So I did Somatic Movement Trainings and right now I am into Focusing.


My life took me to Simbabwe and to Zanzibar, where I lived for some while and I traveled all over the world. So I started offering my work also abroad, in English.

Suva is the shona word for sun.
My goal is to help people find their inner sunshine (again).

The Corona Pandemic gave me the chance to open up with my work, since I couldn’t offer groups anymore.

So my new project was born:

Online Family Constellations in English 
(via Zoom)

Are you interested in experiencing online family constellations? Here we go - wherever you live. Welcome to my new project! I am into constellation-work since 15 years. I already held live constellations in Simbabwe, South Africa and London in English.
So if you have a problem that needs support, or if you want to join as a representative - contact me:
Special offer: Representatives are free for the first 3 dates. If you bring your own issue I reduce the prize to: € 175,- (incl. taxes).
Dates: Please check my events page and book your slot HERE

If you prefer working 1:1
I also offer constellation sessions via Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram/Zoom – whatever ;-)

Prize for a 1 hour session: € 120,- (incl. taxes)

Interested? Get in touch:
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